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See You in the Dark

Poet Amy Gerstler says of Lynne Sharon Schwartz, "Her poetic voice has a lovely admixture of gravitas and glee in confronting human hungers, foibles, and ambivalences. Schwartz is whip smart, witty, stalwart, hopeful, multivalent, philosophical but never stuffy."

Sometimes people are surprised that after having written so much fiction and prose in general, I should suddenly come up with a book of poetry. But I've been writing poetry on and off since I was a teen-ager--not with the tenacity of "real" poets, but in spurts, when it comes to me. I'll take a year or so off from writing prose and devote it to poetry, and then it's over; the poems stop coming. The poems in See You in the Dark arrived, one after the other, a couple of years ago, and I'm glad they're finally in one place and I can hold them in my hand.